About Lingomi

Because you asked

Lingomi makes simple products to help language learners study. We focus on products that help learners improve their listening and pronunciation skills. Currently we have three products: our Chinese audio files, Chinese listening practice drills, and Lists.

Chinese Audio Files

Our Chinese Audio Files are a great way to practice listening and pronunciation. We have HSK audio files in multiple formats and are creating audio files for the major Chinese textbooks, as well. Download the files and use them to practe your pronunciation and listening to you hearts content.

Chinese Listening Practice

Lingomi's Chinese listening practice tests and drills help you practice you improve your listening skills. How good are your tones? Can you tell the difference between and shì ? Try out our pratice drills and take your Chinese listening to the next level.


Lists is a free application for vocabulary management. It currently supports Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, and has features like a built in dictionary, import and export and integration with To Go and Tingxie (coming soon).

Sources and Acknowledgements

We use CC-CEDICT as its Mandarin Chinese-English Dictionary. CC-CEDICT is licensed under the Creative Commons by SA license.

And we use JMdict/EDICT as its Japanese-English Dictionary. JMdict/EDICT is licensed under the Creative Commons by SA license.

Some Icons are based on Fugue Icons, which is licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 BY license. (Fugue icons on GitHub)

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Privacy policies are terribly important and terribly boring. Rest assured, we won't give away or sell information to any third-parties. For more details, read our privacy policy. Check out our terms of service while you're at it.