Learn Chinese pronunciation and get better tones

What Is Lingomi?

What is Lingomi?


Lingomi helps Chinese learners get better tones. Lingomi gives you useful products that help improve your listening and pronunciation skills

Here's what you'll get:
  • Intelligent tools for studying Chinese
  • Listening practice anytime you choose
  • Analysis to help understand your problems
  • Better listening skills
Master Chinese Tones
Listening Practice
  • Chinese Listening Practice


    Lingomi's listening practice will improve your Chinese.

    To learn a language like Chinese, you need all the listening practice you can get. Lingomi's drills and tests are an easy way to get the practice you need.

    Tones Test Pinyin Drills Custom Drills Error Analysis
  • Chinese tone tests

    Tone Tests

    Because everyone should practice their tones

    Before Lingomi's tone tests, tones were tough to learn and difficult to practice. Now, tones are easy to practice (but still hard to master). Our tone tests have three difficulty levels and options that let you work on the tones that are giving you the most trouble.

  • Chinese Tones and Pinyin

    Pinyin Drills

    Better pronunciation through stronger listening skills

    Good pronunciation skills come from strong listening comprehension. Lingomi's pinyin drills will give you the practice you need to master basic listening skills. You may not learn to speak Chinese in 10 days, but you will learn to speak Chinese well.

  • Custom Listening Drills

    Custom Drills

    Create laser-focused practice sessions

    Having trouble with the second tone? Can't tell the difference between "ju" and "zhu"? Lingomi's powerful customization features let you pick and choose the sounds and tones you want to practice, saving you time and letting you improve your listening skills even faster.

  • Tone Errors

    Error Analysis

    Understand your pronunciation problems

    Lingomi analyzes your answers, looking for patterns in the mistakes you make. Once you know the sounds and tones you need to practice, Lingomi's Custom Drills let you focus on improving your weaknesses.

Audio Downloads

Audio Downloads

Learn More About Our Audio Downloads  

Lingomi's Audio downloads let you practice Chinese anywhere. Why waste time recording your own Chinese audio files when you can purchase our high quality sounds?

  • HSK Audio Files: practice your pronunciation and prepare for the HSK exam
  • Individually Wrapped Audio Files: add audio to your SRS decks or flashcard programs
  • Textbook Audio Files: listening practice for just about every Chinese textbook
  • Custom Audio Files: you tell us what words and phrases you want, we create the files.
Get Started

Get Started


Sign up for Lingomi's free trial so that you can

  • Start getting the more listening practice
  • Start improving your tones
  • Start mastering Chinese pronunciation

Lingomi's Philosophy

  • Listening is the key to better language skills

    This fact might sound odd, but it's true. The secret to better pronunciation and stronger language skills is more listening. Unfortunately, for Mandarin Chinese, there aren't a lot of good ways to practice listening. Lingomi's tools were created to help improve your Chinese listening skills.

  • Anyone can learn Chinese

    Chinese is hard, but it's not rocket science. Learning Chinese takes dedication and a certain amount of hard work. If you're like most people (me included), you won't learn Chinese in 10 days, or 90 days, or even one year. But no matter how long it takes, Lingomi will be here to help you.

  • Be effective, not flashy

    Lingomi's focus is on creating useful tools that help you get better tones. In a perfect world, Lingomi would be beautiful and elegant, too. But don't let our less-then-award-winning design fool you. Years of experience, research and thought goes into each of Lingomi's products.

  • Learning Chinese requires balance

    You can't learn Chinese without it. If you focus too little on tones, people will have trouble understanding you. If you focus too much on writing, your listening skills won't develop. If you ignore characters, you won't even be able to read a Chinese menu. For far too long, listening practice has been ignored and neglected. Lingomi will help and balance your studies.

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